Elephant Feeding

Feeding the elephants has been a popular activity among tourists at Hathi Village Jaipur for years, with travelers eager to see these majestic creatures up close. Tourists can buy food and interact with the elephants under the supervision of trained handlers. To ensure the well-being of elephants, it is important for both tourists and operators to prioritize responsible and ethical interactions while preserving the animals’ natural habitats.

elephant painting


Elephant Painting

A controversial practice involving tourists and elephants in Hathi Village Jaipur has drawn attention. Tourists often have the opportunity to paint the bodies of captive elephants, finding it to be a unique and culturally immersive experience. Which is very much liked by all the tourists. This art has been prevalent since ancient times, in which different types of colors were used to color elephants. This helps the elephants to get a different look and the elephants look attractive.

elephant riding


Elephant Riding

Elephants have played an important role in history. They have always been a symbol of strength and power. After that, the most beautiful thing that all loved of their gentle and calm behaviour. One popular tourist activity that involves this history-created creature is elephant riding. Elephants are highly intelligent and friendly. We provide the service of elephant riding. So you can enjoy some historical moments and make the time memorable.

elephant shower


Elephant Shower

In the picturesque Elephant Village of Jaipur, a unique and captivating experience awaits tourists – a chance to bathe with the majestic elephants. The highlight of the trip is a refreshing dip with the elephants in the specially designed swimming pool. The air is filled with laughter and joy as the elephants playfully sprinkle water. Elephant Village’s commitment to conservation and responsible tourism ensures that both elephants and visitors leave with lasting memories and a shared love of nature.

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