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Elejaipur offers you the best experience of a lifetime with elephants that you will cherish. We are here to provide you with unique and friendly services that you will enjoy with the elephants like feeding the elephant, painting the elephant, bathing the elephant, riding it and even spending quality time with them who are wonderful in their own way. Are special. Is. Is. Elejaypur offers you the best services at very reasonable prices making your travels even more pleasant. If you want to do this Elephant Safari in Jaipur then Hathi village is the best place, this place has its own association with elephants and has a very long and authentic history. Here you can feed the elephants with your own hands, caress them, and show your affection, you can also make paintings on them as we use herbal colors that are healthy for them and maintain their health. Keep. Keep. Keep. Don’t impress. Will do so, and you can move them like your hand. Elephant, because you have formed a special bond with your elephant.

Special Day

"Embark on a memorable day of elephant safari, celebrating these majestic creatures,

Their conservation, and the magic of Rajasthan's heritage."

Elephant safari or riding price in jaipur

Elephant safari or riding price depends on various factors, including the location, duration, and the operator you choose. If you are interested in elephants and want to explore elephant sanctuary. you can do some activities with like elephants feeding, riding, painting on special prices.

elephant feeding

Elephant Feeding

Feeding elephants by tourists in Jaipur's Haathi Gaon has been a popular activity for years.

Elephant Painting

Tourists often have the opportunity to paint the bodies of captive elephants, finding it to be a unique and culturally immersive experience.

elephant riding

Elephant Riding

One popular tourist activity that involves this history-created creature is elephant riding.

elephant shower

Elephant Shower

In the picturesque Elephant Village of Jaipur, a unique and captivating experience awaits tourists – a chance to bathe with the majestic elephants.


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